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Vanilla Frosted CupcakeS&R Bakers is a family labor of love that stretches back generations. The recipe for custard frosting has been in our family for a long time being passed on from generation to generation—mother to daughter. The unique taste and texture become part of family lore and legend. Everyone who tasted it just couldn’t go back to plain old frosting. When Susan, our chief baker and Mistress of the Custard Frosting, was young, she and her mother had dreamed of starting the bakery.

Susan and her mother Rita ran their in-home bakery for 22 years. Certified and licensed to bake and sell out of their home, they succeeded in every delectable area they touched. Sumptuous wedding cakes, all occasional cakes, pastries and cookies set the stage for the creation of Squeeze n’ Easy custard frosting. Their bakery products sold well from three different retail locations.

Family life is what it is and that dream was placed on the back burner for a number of years. I found out I was pregnant with my third child. Mom felt it was important to take care of the family first so Susan did. Mom moved to Florida while Susan raised her family. Of course, we never stopped making and enjoying custard frosting. Every licked finger, every bowl wiped clean was just another reminder of the dream.  Custard frosting was on her mind the whole time. Family inspired her to pursue her dream again. When Susan heard Warren Brown speak at the Cleveland COSE Small Business Conference, the fire and passion for Squeeze n’ Easy reignited.

Finally! Time had passed, children had grown and we moved to the next stage of our lives. The time had come to bring Squeeze n’ Easy Custard Frosting to life and spread the incredibly tasty good news: “You can have your cake and want to eat it too, with sinfully rich and tasty custard frosting!” With that, we opened our kitchen to the world and began preparing lovingly crafted batches of our favorite flavors. Once someone tasted this superior, egg free custard frosting, they would be hooked for life. But how to get that product in everyone’s kitchens, on their cakes and into their soon to be very satisfied tummies? Packaging the frosting, ready-to-go, in freezable pastry bags with a tip already inside was the obvious answer. Every baker, from novice to highly experienced can simply pick a flavor from their freezer and create a beautiful masterpiece that is delectably delicious.Decorated Cupcake



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