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Cannoli KitNew—Cannoli Kits!

S&R Bakers’ Cannoli feature a time-tested hand-filled Cannoli Filling that offers a luxurious taste and a velvety texture. The perfect way to end any meal! Conveniently frozen for an impromptu dessert, without the mess, S&R Bakers’ Cannoli Kits are a treat that any home cook or chef is proud to serve.

New Label CannoliCannoli Filling

Proprietary family recipe to delight your family and guests.

Our Frosting

Indulge your every creamy, smooth desire in our frosting shop. Our shop has everything you need to transform your baked delicacies from plain to fabulous. Choose from a variety of flavors and sizes that will fill your kitchen or bakery with a complete array of Squeeze n’ Easy products for every occasion.

New LabelOur frosting is handcrafted in small batches every day by our master bakers who personally fill every container by hand. Each 18 ounce (510 gram) pastry bag comes complete with a frosting tip. The yield from each bag will provide you with enough frosting to frost 18-20 cupcakes or one 9”x13” sheet cake in the pan. It will also cover a 9” round layer cake.

All Squeeze N’ Easy Frosting flavors come in easy to use pastry bags.

Chocolate Bliss Custard Frosting with Premium Chocolate

Deliciousness for a one of kind chocolate experience that any chocoholic would describe as orgasmic.

Vanilla Dream Custard Frosting with Real Vanilla

Clean and crisp with a hint of sweet, floral aroma captures the vanilla bean’s tropical roots and delivers a delicate snap that is both refreshing and tasty. Vanilla Dream Custard Frosting also provides a good base frosting for coloring or even adding additional flavoring to create the one of a kind cake.

Luscious Lemon Frosting with Real Lemon (Seasonal)

Orange FlowerLuscious Lemon starts with the juice of real lemons, freshly squeezed and blended together by the masters in our bakery. Fresh, sweet and juicy lemons are precisely squeezed and measured into our custard frosting delivering just the right amount of tang with a hint of sweetness. Enjoy fresh and natural lemon flavor that sizzles on your tongue. Whenever you crave that tangy sweetness, you can count on Squeeze n’ Easy Luscious Lemon Frosting to deliver sweet sunshine with delight in every bite.

Almond Delight Custard Frosting

Incredibly light and delicate, almond joy indeed. When you taste this airy and gorgeous frosting, you will simply go nuts over the incomparable flavor that Squeeze n’ Easy Almond Delight Custard Frosting has captured just for you. Surprise everyone at your table with an almond treat that can be found nowhere else but here.