Helpful Tips


Crispy, Crunchy Philo Cups

For crunchy philo cups, place the cups on a cookie sheet then put them in the oven at 350° for about 8 minutes. This gives them a nice crunch in every bite.

So yummy! The Luscious Lemon Custard Frosting is a refreshing taste for the summer or anytime of the year!

Re-whip the Frosting

If you re-freeze your wonderful and delicious Custard Frosting and it’s not the way you had it, than please Do Not throw it away! Squeeze it into a mixing bowl and re-whip the life back into it! It will get as nice and fluffy as it was when you first used it. Enjoy!!

Quick Thaw

You can quickly thaw the frosting by placing the sealed bag into the sink filled with room temperature water. In 10 minutes the frosting should be ready.