Luscious Frosting

cupcakeS3-webWhether you call it frosting, icing or just that creamy stuff on top, a cake, cupcake or brownie just isn’t complete without that certain something to top off your masterpiece. You know what I mean.  When your eyes grow wide and your mouth starts to water as you catch a glimpse of that glorious crown of delirious, decadent frosting. Satin smooth and rich with texture that dances upon your tongue as you savor the delightful taste and grow dizzy with the delicate scent of Belgian chocolate, vanilla and lemon. Draping baked confections in rich layers of creamy glaze has been a treat the world over for almost 400 years. Frosting a cake provides a sensual appeal that captures the eye and the tongue with a pleasant and delightful entertainment that looks great and tastes absolutely scrumptious.

The Artist’s PaletteSqueeze N' Easy Decorated Cake
Icing a cake, cupcake or cookie is more than just spreading a thick layer of sweet, but not too sweet, gooey goodness. Frosting is the palette through which a plain baked good transcends its mundane appearance and becomes, quite literally, a visually stunning and edible work of art. Decorating a cake with the right frosting gives free reign to your creativity allowing you to blend color, taste and dimensionality to sculpt a masterpiece. Rainbows of color come alive as streamers, borders and accents. Sculpted flowers, leaves and more provide dimensionality that glistens with depth. Without a doubt, the choice of opulent, luscious frosting provides that special event or that special someone with a visually stunning and memorable treat that is beautiful to behold and even more compelling…

Of course, one can’t just look at that gorgeous cake!

Wedding IdeaTaste, Texture and Bliss
Ahhh, the taste. How does it dance on the tongue? What subtle nuances play havoc with our taste buds driving us for…just…one…more…piece? Cakes may taste good on their own, but nothing completes the experience as a cake well frosted with a frosting that offers complexity and depth much like a fine wine. Think about it. Frosting ties the cake together into a complete sensory experience. A fine frosting delivers contrasting texture and smoothness that balances and complements the layers of the cake with delicacy. Tangy sweet lemon, velvety Belgian chocolate and clean, crisp vanilla provide a variety of taste notes that tease the nose and tickle the palate as they linger on the lips and tongue. Heady flavors wrap your baked confection with dazzling taste.

Frosting is the accelerant that transports every cake, cookie, cupcake and brownie from boring to ecstasy.