Thanks for a great product!

New Label Cannoli

Hi Susan,

I have to tell you about the cakes I made using your wonderful frosting. I split a chocolate 9″ round two layer cake into four layers and just layered the chocolate frosting in between and on top… everyone (aged 12 to 80 yrs) loved it. It did take two of the bags to frost the layers in between but I like a lot of frosting on my cakes. I also made a round 8″ vanilla two layer cake and used about a bag and 1/2 of one to frost the center, sides and top….again I like a strong cake to icing ratio. It was also delicious (and my personal favorite).

I also tried the cannoli filling you had sent with my order. That is a superstar product in my opinion! Great authentic taste and so easy. Look for my next order because I plan on keeping your products on hand in my freezer for my next dessert!

Thanks for a great product!