Where to Find

Squeeze n’ Easy Custard Frosting, Cannoli filling, and Cannoli Kits can be found in a variety of outlets in Northeast Ohio. Our delightful frosting is always within easy reach when you need the best frosting for your baking projects.

Shows and Events1st Communion Cake
S&R Bakers believe in our frosting, and we are getting the word out—one succulent mouthful at a time. We travel the region demonstrating, and yes you can taste some, and selling our frosting at craft shows, fairs, competitions and educational forums. We bring samples to try and provide hands-on cake frosting and decorating tips to show you how quick and easy our custard frosting is to use every day. Check out our schedule of events and visit with us. We’d love to meet you and watch your eyes light up when you taste Squeeze n’ Easy Custard Frosting and see how easy and convenient Cannoli Kits are for your impromptu guests.

Retail Outlets
We believe that everyone in these great United States has the right to enjoy the finest custard frosting whenever and wherever they please. Take a moment to fill out our petition. We’d like to know where you live and shop so that we can identify the best grocery stores, specialty stores and bakeries that should be carrying Squeeze n’ Easy. With your help, we can get these luscious darlings in the freezer section where you prefer to shop or where you buy bakery.

Squeeze n’ Easy Frosting & Cannoli Kits are available at:

Bassett’s Market
Port Clinton, Ohio

Giant Eagle
Snowview Plaza
1825 Snow Road
Parma, Ohio

Walt’s Churchill Market
Maumee, Ohio
Perrysburg, Ohio

Whole Food Markets
Rocky River, Ohio
Pincrest in Orange, Ohio

Lake Road Market
Rocky River, Ohio

Your favorite market not listed,
ask them to carry Squeeze n’ Easy
Cannoli Kits.

I want my store to carry Squeeze n’ Easy. Sign our Petition.